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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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The following five studies are currently planned or in progress:

1.  The "Evaluation of American Navajo Indian Rehabilitation Program" will
compare the effectiveness of services for Navajos provided under this
program with the effectiveness of services for other Indians provided
by State vocational rehabilitation agencies. This study will start in
FY 1985.

2.  The "Analysis of Benefits and Costs in Rehabilitation" is a study
to as'sess alternative methods of calculating benefit/cost ratios for
the Rehabilitation Services Program (to be completed by September 30,

3.  The "Analysis of State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Caseload and
Placement Patterns and Trends" is a study to assess trends in caseload
activity and effectiveness of different placement practices (to be
completed in FY 1987).

4.  The "Analysis of State Funding for Rehabilitation Services" is a study
of the financial performance of States under the Federal matching
requirement (to be completed in FY 1985).

5.  A study to develop Federal training grant allocation policy, based
on estimated professional rehabilitation personnel shortages, will be
completed in FY 1985.

Contacts for Further Information

Program Operations: Mark Shoob, (202) 732-1402
Program Studies: Garrett Coleman, (202) 245-8877


1.  Although under a separate authorization, amounts for Federal maintenance
of effort are included here.

2.  The total reported in the table in section II. C. represents the total
number of rehabilitations where the type of disability was reported.
The total number of persons rehabilitated was 226,924 as reported in
the table at section II. F.          1,178